Scrapalicious Bag

The name must be a give away I guess.All the lonely, leftovers of Catania yarns came together and decided to be this bag.No pattern was followed.Inspiration however, came from this pattern especially  for the handles.
Project Details:
Yarn:Assorted Schachenmayr nomotto Catania Cotton
Hook:F hook Susan Bates
Pattern: (kind of ) inspired by this pattern
Close up of the handles with shell edging. Of course, it had to have shells somewhere ,so that its my bag.
I lined it with an old Kurti that I thought was a perfect match for it.Check out the pockets people and the magnetic snap!(thanks Mimi).Omg, was I floating on air or what after I added those two features ?!
As I was proudly showing off (in a way which only moms will tolerate)the pictures to my mum, saying how professional I have become  etc etc,  “if  you really want to give a professional finish, take care to cut off threads after you finish” she said_only then did I notice the thread peeking out _thanks for the reality check  amma….mothers are there to keep you  firmly grounded on solid ground rt? I love my mum! :)
Its my perfect project bag .I was so pleased that it held so many things in it when I took it out with me, without sagging much .I love it and its the first bag, I’m keeping for me.


  1. Talk about bags! I am going through a bag addiction phase too.. Gorgeous bag! Ilove the lining fabric!
    somehow I feel that our wavelength matches when it comes to crafty obsessions!! ;-)

  2. Nice bag, Pearlin, the colors went well together. The inside is very neat and the straps turned out cute ;)

  3. Thanks Josie, yes our wavelength seems to match in crafts we try :)

    Thanks Mimi , coming from you , it means a lot to me :)

  4. Lining the bag with the kurti fabric is pure genius! Love it!

  5. So proud of you, Pearlin. It's a job well done. I bet your mama must've been so proud !I can imagine your thrill. Lining , pockets magnetic snaps and the genius idea of using old Kurta material for lining ! Carry it around and enjoy the attention.

  6. thanks so much Yasmin.yup she's v proud too :)


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