Creative Space #6

a few weeks back, I posted the squares for Inga’s Crocheted Bag  on my Creative Space .Last week I could not participate as a bad virus caused my system to crash.

Now that the Creative Space over at Kootoyoo ‘s has closed for the holidays, I thought I ‘d just show you the FO incase people are curious to see the finished bag.

So here   is the bag after squares all were sewn up 


thank you so much for the warm wishes of luck before I felted it…

it all worked!!! Every single one them!

Coz look !!!….my felting dream came true!!!


Here is another shot to show how I did the handles


and one more shot just because….IMG_5236

Project Details:

Yarn : Patons Pure Wool Double Knitting

           Shade2443 Lot 49781 chocolate

         Patons Pure Wool Double Knitting

          Shade 5388 Lot 11/010 blue

        Patons Purple Heather

         Shade 193 Lot 49351  coffee

Hook :J

Pattern : Inga’s Haekelbeutel

Tid Bits:

  • I decided not to line it as the felted bag is quite thick
  • I attached the handles before I felted and loved how they all fused together with the bag. 
  • The only change I would do is keep the handles a bit shorter, although the dh thinks it looks rather cool being long like that.
  • I found this great tutorial to line the bag only after I finished felting it. But I am putting in the link here so that it may come in handy for those looking to line it.


  1. The felted bag looks so good. Lovely work.

  2. wow...that looks use wol to felt it...i have not tried felting...

  3. They are fantastic! I've just started to teach myself how to crochet and you've inspired me to persevere!

  4. it looks beautiful..your blog is interesting..

  5. The felting really turned out great. Did you have to run the washer a few times to get it so soft or did just once do the trick? Lovely bags!

  6. Thank you Srividya, Great to see you drop by.

    Thanks Nima, yes I used wool to should try felting its very addictive.

    Thank You Little Ted Canvas, keep at it , you 'll be glad you persevered

    Hello Ninu, welcome to my blog and thanks for your sweet comment.

    Thanks Preeti.I ran it in the washer only once on 90 degrees hot water full cycle.


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