Post Christmas day

I always complain that Christmas just does not feel like Christmas here in the Kuwait.I miss my family back home in India_ the early morning church service, the sweet smell of jasmine ,the crisp air at dawn caressing down our backs and cheeks as we rush about in  rustling silks to make it to the church service on time and get a decent seat inside the overflowing church, mom’s  hot breakfast of idly and mutton curry, plum cake  and coffee early inthe morning,   the excitement of just being around family at Christmas. This time though   I didn’t feel so nostalgic and wimpy.Strangely I felt so happy just being able to spend the day with my kids and dh.
After a long time, we got to attend Church Service in the morning. And that set off the day on a happy footing.The weather was just perfect.
My heart was just so full being snug at home with my little family enjoying  each other’s company ,while I cooked up the Christmas lunch.I made Biryani after a long time.we had a charming young man come over . It was a lovely day.So, tell me how was your Christmas day?


  1. I still need to come home to feel Christmas-y! ;-) Our Christmas was as usual.. early morning church service.. yummy b'fast and lunch.. a small picnic in the evening to a nearby beach(vattakottai)

  2. glad to know that you had a nice chrismas...we celebrated or christmas with our family in was great

  3. Glad to know that you had a great Christmas Pearlin!!! My lil one was hospitalised on Xmas eve with high fever and our christmas was in hospital ....

  4. Thank you Josie and Nimam, for sharing how you spent Christmas day
    oh Swapna! I hope he is doing well now.Wish you all A Wonderful 2010


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