The Count Down Starts……

Its a kind of tradition in our home to put up the Christmas Tree and all the decorations first of December.
Little M developed croup and had to be rushed to the ER.A few sleepless nights later, thankfully,we are on the road to mend.
I tried to keep my mind from going crazy working on this Tree Skirt. I must confess I wasn’t too successful. It didn’t calm me one bit.On the other hand, I was so stressed i could not even hold the hook and make a stitch .
I’ve noticed recently that crochet has no calming effect on me anymore, on the other hand, it makes me dwell on my troubles more and more….. just an observation I made about me.
After he started improving, I managed to finish it up today.we are a few days behind on our decorating schedule but that s ok.
Project Details :
Hook : K Hook
Yarn :Red Hear Super Saver ART E300 ; Colour 0390 Hot Red
No dye Lot
and a small amount of scrap variegated yarn in Christmas colours.
Pattern : Round Ripple Tree Skirt
I am secretly gratified that I got to make the round ripple afghan which I failed at before and thus nailed two things at once! ;)
This year M is really into the Christmas thing mostly the Santa Part :) We watched a few Christmas movies and He has been worrying himself silly that there is no chimney in our home for Santa to squeeze in through, laden with presents. When his pleas to put up a chimney somewhere in the apartment went unheeded, he has now made us all swear to leave the balcony door open at night so that Santa can come in without any difficulty.
We even have a new arrangement to greet and cheer Santa when he arrives tired after distributing so many gifts for so many children.IMG_4840
And now much of his time is spent writing and rewriting lists of all that he wants for Christmas. He has convinced Big Brother_ who in spite knowing the truth about Santa, kind of likes the concept_ also that he needs to make lists by all means


  1. oh gorgeous tree skirt....

  2. That's a very nice tree skirt, Pearlin!
    I am like you, crochet doesn't relax me when my child (even an adult child) is sick, I can't even pick up a WIP when I'm worried...
    Hope you're all doing well now :)

  3. thank you Mimi.we are all good now :)

  4. Such a pretty tree skirt and I'm glad to know that your baby is doing better.


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