A brand New Year….

A brand new start! Each day a fresh new page….. that I am eagerly waiting to write on…..
Last year, I decided to work mostly from my stash and somewhat succeeded too.
I know ,2009 wasn’t that good a year.Still, I am so thankful for so many things that happened and did not happen in our lives in the past year.
I am so excited to see ,what this Year has in store for us. Wishing you all a Happy and a Blessed New Year 2010
I am so thankful for my Blog Friends who stayed with me throughout the old year , through the change from Wordpress to Blogger ,leaving me knots of love their sweet comments. You my dear friends,are the ones , who make me want keep Blogging. Thank You Thank You.
I have not yet made any plans_ on the things I want to make in the New Year . However I made a few crafty resolutions….
This year , I plan to
  • knit more
  • quilt more
  • go to the quilt group (if God is willing)
  • take up sewing
  • and learn to cook /Bake more
  • Try and paint a few more pictures
  • Keep more of the finished objects for me.
Have you made any crafty resolutions too? Do tell.


  1. Happy New Year Pearlin!! Have a great year ahead!! my new year resolution to finish a cross stitch project which was a wip for years...

  2. A Happy and Blessed New Year to you too, Pearlin!
    It doesn't look like you'll be crocheting more this year...but I look forward to all the crafty stuff you'll be sharing ;)
    For me its still crochet, and I hope to be able to come up with several designs this year. I do hope to be able to sew some and knit some too...

  3. They are great resolutions, all of them achievble and lovely. I hope you have the most fabulous, inspired and creative 2010. I'm looking forward to all the pictures of your gorgeous work.

  4. hugs to you also for a fabulous new year ♥

  5. Wishing you and family a great year!!

  6. Happy New Year Pearlin...I don't know how i missedd your post..Have a wonderful 2010 with more sewing, quilting, baking...

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My Resolution this year is to knit more from my stash which is overflowing...now its time to make room for more pretty yarns for 2011!!!

  8. Thank you ladies for visiting my blog and sharing your New Year goals.
    Mimi, I need to crochet all the time thats why I didnot mention it.

  9. Happy New Year again:) Crafty resolutions for me this year is to knit wearable garments and actually use them.


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