A little Stitchy

Curveballs come in when we least expect them .We can never be too careful .

I always believe that all things work together for good,still ,getting there to the good part is hard right now..hard being the adult and putting up a brave front.

With so many things on my mind, I’ve not been feeling too crafty lately.I’m making use of this time to finish up the things I had left unfinished.

First is this pouch for which I had to put in the button .It is the same Open City Tote, only a different dimensions. I left out the handles in this one as it seemed kind of odd to me.


Next is this pincushion.I got this pattern here. This is my first ever pincushion :)


Ravelympics update:


This project is coming along much better than I anticipated. I did have some of those ‘what was I thinking’ , ‘I should just frog this thing ‘ initially on the first day. Now it is does seem like I might finish it after all. I am working on row fifteen now.


  1. I hope everything's fine, Pearlin! Hugs.

  2. wow...the pouch looks awesome...i love the fabric..your pincushion is too cute

  3. What a cute little pin-cushion. That is the most darling crafting accessory ever, IMO!!


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