It had to happen sooner or later

Sometime around last year, I realized that I had way too much yarn lying around.And  decided that I wouldn’t buy anymore stuff until I have empty bins all around me… Although  images of empty bins, truly freaked me out, I managed to avoid the local yarn store the whole of last year. I did get a few extra yarns here and there as gifts but that's about  how much stash enhancement happened .
Just as I was patting myself on the back at  how wonderful I’ve been ,  having made a meager considerable dent in my thread stash, i ran out of thread for the recent project i was working on. I could have used up some matching thread i had….it so happened right at that time a SMS beckoned me  to our yarn store……SALE UPTO 50% TILL Feb 15!.
I  was in two minds_ I so wanted to go  and check it out, as my otherwise exorbitantly priced Lys NEVER went on sale/I knew what I’d do if I did ,so it was better  to keep out.
I thought I ‘d throw it at dh and see what his reaction would be. Here I must point out that , except for odd  eye_rolling  instances here and there, he actually encourages me to buy more yarn , driving me as many times I want, helping me choose color and of course pay without any complaints .And then  letting me oooh and aah about my latest purchases all the way back home, and nodding indulgently whenever I tell him , how pretty the yarn is or how soft  it is or what it is going to be when I got home _ knowing fully well,that it would be going straight into the yarn bin and not get used for a looooong loooong time etc etc  ! NOT GOOD AT ALL for my yarn diet!!!……. AND He said yes without blinking an eye!
Of course he took me there,  all the while knowing what I was going to do,as soon as I got there.All along the way I kept saying …….... it was just going to be that one spool of thread and no more.I was going to just look around and not buy anything.
When I got there,Oh my gosh all that yarn at 20% off,( that 50% off was just a  trick to lure me in!Very few items were  actually on 50%, the rest were just 20% )completely took my breath away!!!.I forgot all the resolutions I made along the way,broke down  and  totally went rampant picking up whatever caught my eye! Anyways, this what I came home with!!
* you see that little spool in the front? that's the thread I went to get in the first place.
Dh, being the sweet heart that he is  , thinking I might  be feeling guilty about my purchase ,took it upon himself  to make me feel better and started saying things  along the lines of ….its ok you deserve it, you’ve been such a good girl the past year .I rebelliously told him, I wasn’t feeling guilty at all!
Don’t we know that Rules are meant to be broken  ?! Oh wait, lets not let our  soon_ to_ be twelve year old hear that!!!! lets  rephrase that……what's the fun of being an adult, if you cannot break your own rules ,right?! “Yea right!! he said and added rather sagely, “you know ,you should not impose these  kinds of restrictions  on yourself in the future, it only makes matters worse!!Just go out and buy a skein or two whenever you want!”


  1. hahaha...i can see a "ME" in you...

    oh sale in a yarn shop ...i wish that happen here too...enjoy your new stash

  2. I truly enjoyed reading your post Pearlin and though I know how it goes, you have put it so nicely in words. We all (yarn addicts) know how it goes. I believe its a wasted opportunity to pass up on a yarn sale...hehe. Enjoy your stash :D

  3. What a bounty of color! You definitely deserve it for being so good with your yarn diet for a whole year, I could never pull off such a feat!


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