Kitchen Love

This week’s theme queens Nic and Tracy along with Vic over at Punky & Me want to see things we love in the Kitchen
This little nook in my kitchen is my absolute favourite…..
a corner I love
I love the money plant sooooo much and you can find it in all the places around my home.
canisters This little porcelain canister set was the first gift my dh got for me when we first came here. I remember the day very well.
We had just landed the day before and the very next day, dh took A and Me to the Fahaheel Bazaar to see if we could get some toys for A and some household utensils for me. There were no household utensils there :) .In one of the Toy shops, we noticed this on the shelf.I fell in love with it then and there .I’ve had it ever since. Recently dh accidently broke one of the lids and I converted it to a vase to hold my favourite plant :)
The baskets hold potatoes, onions and garlic. The little painting, says…


  1. Naaaaaw, your little canisters are so cute - and good on you for not divorcing hubby when he broke a lid & turning it into a pot instead....!


    Thanks for playing!

  2. those canisters are very sweet. btw i've got a few Jade plants scattered inside & out for 'good luck & wealth' just like your money plant.

  3. wow...your kitchen corner looks nice...i love the canister too

  4. Looks like you have things about your kitchen that make you happy, so nice.

  5. A very nice little corner. Love the plants.

  6. Pearlin, Your kitchen corner is lovely.... I liked those canisters and loved the baskets of onion,potatoes...

  7. I like it! I have small baskets and vases too...

  8. thank you for your lovely comments :)

  9. Aww, those canisters are perfect and add such a great touch to your space! You have so many great memories and stories to share, I love reading your blog!

  10. thank you Preeti. so sweet of you to say that :)


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