Visiting Magic Planet

The two days we look forward to all year are the  Liberation day/ National day of Kuwait. While the rest of the Govt sectors and schools remain closed for all majors holidays and summer vacations , for my husband who works in the private sector here, only these two days are sure holidays.And with that all holidays end for him.So we look forward for these two days with much anticipation and pray to the weather gods for clear skies with no dust .
The weekend turned out to be very dusty and all we had was one clear day.So we decided to take the children to  Magic Planet. Although they have now visited every single game arcade here, and all are clones of the other, visiting Magic Planet at the Avenues was their long time wish.
Dh and I decided to surprise them, and told them we were going to Avenues , which they both hate !!! Because it involves shopping. For mummy. Mumbling and grumbling they accompanied us ,only to break out into ear to ear grins once they realized where were taking them :))
We saw this car en route and just had to take a picture :)
IMG_6187 IMG_6190  
The large aquarium on the way to Magic Planet  near the food court.IMG_6206 IMG_6221
The most notable aspect of Magic planet is that all the games have the Bug theme. Cute  bug shaped ferris wheel .
Caterpillar Merry go round
I liked this  bumper cars place the best.Ialthough I never rode in those bumper cars, this space managed to create the feeling of little bugs  running around on the ground, covered with large blades of grass.
Big Brother’s fascination with cars never ends and it manages to always rub on little brother too! :D
The palm tree that A refused to climb anymore than two inches , for me and dh who are basically country folks, who have climbed our  share of trees, it was very funny :)
IMG_6224 IMG_6234
This is the place, where M insisted on spending all his money, its one of those toy catchers, that gives out candies as consolation prizes .
Dh, having failed at convincing the little bugger ,that we would be wasting money there,inserting the card with a rather grim face.Ofcourse we won nothing, because the imp was having none of it  when we offered to help and would only do it himself.We ended up  using the entire card there.Because of  one stubborn tantrum throwing imp!Atleast those candies were good . IMG_6294


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