My Creative Space # 9

My creative space this week
Taking a break from the C3 Cropped  Crochet Cardigan, I decided to finish this fabric basket.
fabric basket
I did not follow the exact measurement.
Looooong back, soon after coming back from my quilt workshop, I decided to make a practice quilt at home without the teacher’s help.
My teacher asked me to try different measurements.In my excitement to quickly finish the project,I missed a minor detail and ended up with smaller blocks than was actually needed.She taught me the way to rectify the situation, but I never got around to it.
When I saw this basket online, around the same time, I decided to use those squares for this  basket.I had  completed the outer  part, and  still had to attach the lining and the handles.Then I forgot all about it , and let it languish in the craft cupboard.
As I was cleaning out my cupboard yesterday, I saw this, and  decided to work on it again.
I tried a bit of stippling . Its not perfect, but unless I practice its not going to be prefect some day right. :)
Today  morning, I finished the top stitching that remained and ta da! my basket is done.
My colour choices have changed over the past two years.Back then,I was all into soft pastel colours.
Still I like this basket very much.I am planning to make more of these in the future.
fabric basket 2
Everyone probably is familiar with this pattern now  :)
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  1. great finish.. i love the colors too..

  2. The colors work so well together and it's such a cute functional basket!

  3. Oh I love it..Its super cute and can be very useful too..

  4. wow...that looks awesome...i love it...i need to make one like this soon...

  5. That is a very nice sewing project, I also like the colors!...the tutorial is good too.

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  7. Thanks you all for your lovely comments:)


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