My Mommy Strongest!!

M came back from school and told me in a matter of fact tone, “ Mumma you’ll have to come to school tomorrow”
“For what “ I asked
M: ” Daniel thinks his mommy is strongest, I told him he’s wrong .He doesn’t want to listen.So we’ve fixed up a fight for you and his mom……
Mumma you just have to Come and show, HE’S WRONG!…… His mom is coming Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseee say yes, you'll come too ,mumma” :S :S


  1. I have no idea how they come up with all these things! Thank you Little Ted Canvas :))

  2. So, who won?! ;-)
    lovely boys you have there!

  3. the weekend came in and saved us for now Josie. :D thank you .

  4. Now, that's something I haven't heard before! You have to go and prove him right, we'll be rooting for ya! Just kidding:)

  5. Preeti, the entire day yesterday was spent by the imp, trying to convince the brother and the dad, to fight with D's brother and Dad respectively, so we could prove as a family! what do you say to that!!! :D

  6. gave me a good laugh...

  7. thanks Nima. They are back to being best friends now :))


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