Old Mac Donald

Now that M’s annual exams(!) are going on,we were practicing a few songs for his recitation and drawing test day.
One of them was Old Mac Donald's
Old Mac Donald had a farm
eio eio oooo
on his farm he had some cows
eio eio oooo
with a mooo mooo here and a mooooo there
dogs………….boww here boww there
cats ……..mew here mew there
Horses and lambs……… boyfriend had trouble remembering their sounds,
unfazed as ever, he goes…..
Horses….. with a ho ho here and a ho ho there
and lambs  with a la la here and la la there _ without a missing a moments’ beat!


  1. Such a doll! He's going to do fantastic with his Mommy has his coach! It's midterm time at our house with Spring Break just round the corner (there is light at the end of the tunnel!)

  2. he drives me nuts sometimes Preeti forgetting what he should say and then making up his own version!


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