Thank You s

End of year, I always make sure my boys write thank you notes for their teachers with their thank you gifts.
M  painstaking a drew a pretty picture, wasn’t satisfied and redid twice,before he was happy with his card. I wrote down his note, which he copied on to his handmade card.
A on the other hand,  easy going as always,  stuck some pretty thank you stickers on his card and he was done. I let him write his own note for his teacher, thinking he was big enough now.
Good that I just peeked in before putting his card, inside his gift bag …..
This is how it went for his favourite teacher.
“ Dear L ma’m,
Thank you for teaching me , three years in a row, and putting up with all my mischief”
Yours sincerely


  1. wow..that's really great to train kids to thank their teacher...i appreciate your effort.

  2. Out of the mouth of babes, that is really so sweet!

  3. Thank you Nima and Preeti :)


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