The Morning Anointment…..

A and I hate getting up early in the morning. But the school timing is such that we both cannot sleep in. Since I really do not have anyone to  throw a tantrum  to, for having to get up early, I have to act grown up and  get up early without a murmur. A on the other hand,  has me to throw a tantrum to and he plays that to the MAX.
and today morning, as I  was complaining “everyday is a  big battle I fight to get you ready in time for  school”
Sleepy Head bombastically proclaims……” oh dear mumma,I hearby anoint you Jansi Ki Rani!!”
For which I  wanted to say……..”You are just like your dad, you imp!” I didn’t , instead, I just burst out laughing.


  1. It sure is fun & games isn't it! My new school boy asks every day if it is his day off yet!

  2. That's a great response Mom!! Too funny:)

  3. Little Ted canvas,M asks me how many more days for the weekend to come hehehehe

    Never a dull moment here Preeti .Thank you :))


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