A basket I forgot about

The effects of the medicines are wearing off and I am having frequent “where was I “moments .Which is driving me batty. I think it will be  alright soon….like the vacation amnesia that I tend to get after  long vacations :))

Have you noticed the name change? Knottyville? Do you like it? I wanted my blog to be a place you can come to ,where things happen and hence the name change.Its my little happy place. The url is the same though http://feelingknotty.blogspot.com. I must confess I was tempted to change that as well, but for now,I’ve decided against it. maybe later ;)

As much as I love blogging and  love seeing that I get visitors and love getting  comments ,I have never  actively promoted my blog.No one in my family,(except of course dh) and friends circle know that I have a blog.No big deal really, I am just shy like that. So when my cousin sister, asked me the other day,” do you have a blog”, I was pretty taken aback.I told her I did, but didn’t give her the link. weird huh? She hasn’t bugged me enough yet,as everyone is so busy preparing to attend my cousin brother’s wedding.For which I won’t be  able to go because of  visa restrictions * sniff sniff*

Anyways,I was checking my older posts, I discovered a lot of pictures on them  have gone missing.Have no idea how that happened ,but I am working on that.Good thing, I have backed up a lot of them in the hard drive.Its a lot of work though.

Organizing and reorganizing my blog has taken up a lot of time from crafting.I need to get it done or I ‘ll never be able to rest in peace :D (*OCD* alert)

Omg, I am rambling so much ! people, you’re still here? thank you :)) ok then.

While checking my pictures, I realized that I did not put the picture of this basket, I made a while back here on the blog. So here it is.


Project Details:

Pattern: Crochet Basket

Hook: H Susan Bates 5.mm

Yarn: 2 skeins Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints, Midnight Magic colour 202 Dyelot 33386

Tid Bits:

  • I can’t decide if I want to line it or not. it quite sturdy as it is .
  • I wonder what the benefit of lining would be.Would the lining get in the way , when storing things? Any idea anyone?
  • These are great to store away little knick knacks and thread , yarn_ what have you.
  • Again something similar to one I saw in IKEA and fell in love.
  • I  would have really liked to have access to some cream coloured cotton yarn, so that it could be a good copy.
  • Going by the storage cube I made, and this basket now,can you tell I get a kick out of replicating  stuff from that store ?!
  • Would like to make more of these, seeing how useful they are.


  1. Your basket is great! I do like your name change & that it's a happy place for you to go. I see my blog a bit the same way. It's almost like a diary that you let people read. I like that it's a recored of lots of incidental things that will be precious to look back on in time. Probably things I would otherwise forget if I didn't blog! I too am a bit shy about it. Wierd though, when you think about all the people you converse with via the blog, why is it that family & close friends are not people we dash out & tell about it...I'm not sure, maybe it's a little tiny insecurity about revealing ourselves completely to those who know us best...I don't know, but I do love chatting with all these wonderfully talented & inspiring folk, it's a happy part of my day...

  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog and nice comment.

    I love this basket, such pretty colored yarn. Creating is such fun, isn't it?

  3. Love your basket!!Such pretty colours!!And I can relate to what you said about being shy..Exactly the same here..No one in my family(other than dh) or none of my friends know my blog address.That is very odd isn't it..

  4. cute basket Pearlin. i think i need to make it...i have saved the pattern long back and never did it...

    Initially i was shy to show off my blog...Now i have linked the blog thru facebook, hoping some of my friends , relatives, cousins and immediate family will take interest to look...no chance....nobody is bothered..

    Only 2 of my non blogging friends take interest to check it thru facebook, when they see a new post and they mail me...some visited once and they are under the impression...i don't have anything better to do...lol..But i'm happy ...there are so many blogging friends who visit my blog and take time to post a comment.

    I'll tell my DH to check my blog when i post something new...he likes it, i think few of his friends also visit my blog..

  5. i noticed your change in blog name...nice change

  6. Wowww very cool!!!I have jsut the yarn for it!!!
    And i love the name too!Oh and about sharing the url with people who know me..I dunno..I did it initially when i started blogging..because it was only a baby blog,then slowly,I stopped sharing..coz its my place to write,what I feel and I dont want people who know me in real life to ...I don't know-judge me?
    That being said,I still share it with people who are close to me,and I know,who know me..for what I am.But at the same time,the friends that I made through the blog are important to me too..some of them have become really close to me in real life.:)

  7. That's a pretty basket. I'm totally "shy" about my blog too and other than my mom I don't think anyone else in my family even knows about it. Many of them don't even know I knit!! Weird, huh?

  8. Thank you ladies,it feels nice to have so many of you being able to relate.this is what makes the blog sphere friends much cooler .And makes us willing to share some of our feelings that we would never reveal otherwise to people around us.


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