Easter weekend.

We managed to do some gardening, on our teeny tiny balcony.Replanted the plants, added a few more plants .
See, my rose buds?
This rose plant  will stay out till the temperature starts soaring.For now, we are all happy with a cool breeze and light drizzle.
We’ve learnt  with experience,that bougainvilleas are hardy enough to withstand the scorching  summer heat, so we got them in two more colours. I love that  they add colour and cheer around here.
There ‘s a  fast food restaurant right next to our building.When A went to get a happy meal for him and M, they gave these two gold fish instead of toys! A was pleased as a peach and came home with a glowing face full of smiles. Dh took them to a near by pet shop and got them an aquarium with two other fish :) 
I added two more plants to my little terrarium.This one is our own little hundred acre wood with  pooh and friends living there.
Also  started a new aquatic plant collection
the best though is our new mulberry plant. Oh the childhood memories of stuffing our faces with the mulberries!
One more doily is ready for display
Project Details:
Hook : 1.5mm Jimra
Thread : DMC Perle’ Cotton  colour# 3801
Pattern : Lovely Room Doily
Easter day was lovely too. I made egg fried rice and chilli garlic prawns.Yum! Will post recipe soon.  A family gave our whole congregation Easter dinner, for their little daughter’s baptism.That was great too.
Yesterday the boys went back to school .New classes.As I was covering up books, A saw M’s Moral science and G.K books and asked me in an incredulous voice, eyes wide open,”you mean , he’s  really grown up enough to study Moral science and General Knowledge ??? I can’t believe it?!” Neither can I, dear boy! neither can I!


  1. beautiful doily...and lovely little garden...here it's not cool anymore...enjoy your pleasant weather..

  2. ur little garden is so beautiful.. i want one lke tht..bt im nt at all good at it. :( and red doily is beautiful too

  3. Looks like you had a lovely, busy Easter weekend! You certainly have a green thumb, love your plants. I, on the other hand, always manage to cause plants to wilt and wither just by looking at them. Unfortunately the two lone plants on our patio aren't faring very well!!
    The happy meal fish are such a brilliant idea compared to the usual toys they hand out!

  4. Thank you ladies for stopping by.

  5. Here my little one also got one fish with his meal and he was very excited about it...but unfortunately it has life till we reach home:( Enjoy your aquarium!!! You have a good collection of plants dear! Beautiful red doily dear!


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