Kuwait Towers visit For M

It was only recently that we realised that even though we have all visited Kuwait Towers so many , now, little M has not visited it , since he was a baby.
So the first thing dh did after we got our new Mitsubishi Natvia, was to take us all to Kuwait Towers. Ofcourse it was a surprise even for me that I didnot have my camera with me.
The entrance fee for a  person  and kids above four is two k.d. each. Now A is almost twelve and looks like a ten year old and M eventhough  will be six this July, looks like a four year old. So it did not come as a surprise, when the cashier checked twice with us over M’s age, almost willing us to say he was four and get away without paying the entrance fee for him.”You are sure he is five?” he asked.”Ofcourse he is five, “we replied and got our tickets.
Just as we were going in ,I heard someone call out and turned.I saw an elderly Kuwait man gesturing us to come back.So back we all went. He gave back two k.d and said, “the cashier made a mistake and he is new. So please excuse him” he said in broken English. We told him M, was five. He told us kindly,” it is ok, he goes in free”  :)
And also told us to make sure that we used up the offer for free sandwiches and drinks going on for each ticket holder and  told us to enjoy our trip. 
we were thrilled  naturally.
I find that a lot of the older generation of Kuwaitis are extremely generous like that.Often , when A was little, I have seen a lot of older men , give out,chocolates , little toys and even money  as soon as they saw him and got very offended when he ‘d refuse. You see, we had brainwashed him into not getting anything from strangers.
When M was born, an elderly Kuwaiti man came to his  hospital ward and gave away free train sets to all the baby boys there and free dolls in strollers for all the girl babies there.  Not to mention the packets of pampers and baby creams and powders shampoo and soap wash cloth set.
So off we went and thought we were the only family there, when a very large Kuwaiti family joined us at the lobby. We thought they would want go in first ,even though we were first in line,(its a unwritten rule here :)), but one guy from the group, told us very kindly in Hindi, “you first”
In the elevator, the elevator man, asked M’s age, we told he was five, he asked for the ticket, we told him our story, he refused to believe it,we told him to check.He didn’t .But took us anyway , rather grumpily.Still we were extremely happy seeing M so very excited.He kept saying “this is my first trip to the Kuwait Towers, I can’t believe it!”
M was thrilled !! with the rotating restaurant, the view of the Kuwait city in the dark.the  cheddar cheese sandwiches, the popcorn ,the mango juice.the whole experience. More because he didnot expect it in the least and it was a lovely surprise for him.Since we did not have our camera ,we asked the photographer there to take a family picture, which is a nice digital print for two kd.
There are two levels in the towers.One is the revolving  restaurant, the  just ordinary place.As we were coming down,I saw a group of people come. One of them was trying to convince the lady in the group that the level where they were standing was the revolving restaurant. The lady was very politely telling the man that she could not feel the movement at all and he was insisting, that she fix her gaze somewhere down in the city at one point so that she can see it move.
Although I wanted to intrude and tell them to go up the stairs for the revolving effect,I just came away smiling, amused at how hard the man was trying to convince the lady and the lady standing her ground , while being extremely polite.
As we came back into the elevator, the elevator guy tried to play with A, sensing he had checked and trying to make up , dh, got into a conversation with him. He told us that he was working there  for  nine years now. Smiling  and thanking him, we all stepped out, M shouted, “Mumma, this was the best surprise for me and I had a very good time”!


  1. What a lovely day! I didn't realize that your blog name had changed and I kept ignoring it on Bloglines, oops!


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