My Creative Space # 13

Finishing up this little spring wreath I started last week, took up my creative space.
  I’ve been so smitten by this colourful crafty heaven at Attic 24  that I’m tempted to make every thing on her blog!!That her instructions all has step by step pictures is an added bonus.
  Now that this little wreath  and the little birdie decoration are out of the way,I’ve now set my eyes on her hexagons , in an attempt to  add more colour around my home.
Project Details :
Yarn :Schachenmayr nomotta Catania Cotton in assorted colours
Hook : I  ,Susan bates Aluminium hook.
Pattern :wreath is here and the birdie decoration is here.
Tid Bits :
  • added a shell border around the wreath and 
  • added leaves to the side flowers.
  • attached to birdie decoration to the centre with a slip stitch.
  • the search for attractive buttons was what took the most time.
  • I did not have a button collection to begin with. 
  • I had to go  up and down several sewing materials stores, before I got some decent coloured ones. Where did all the buttons go?!  There really did seem to be plenty out there, when I wasn't looking for them.!
One more little thing, I started today,which I’ll  probably also finish in an hour or so,its  a very small  item that I am in  absolute need of !
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  1. Love the wreath - great to see a wreath around and it not being christmas time

  2. Love it all! And want to make this one too, now! :)

  3. this is just beautiful, great work!

  4. how wonderful if your wreath?! Now you have me looking to make one!

  5. What a gorgeous wreath! Your work is amazing.

  6. thank you Gingini and Selina. Welcome :)

  7. Thank you Tracey.Welcome to my blog :)
    Thank you Mel :)

  8. oh!! its so beautiful!!!good work pearlin.. :)

  9. Beautiful wreath Pearlin!!! Love it and now I also want to make one!

  10. wow..awesome work pearlin...i cannot wait to try's very pretty

  11. Wow that wreath looks so pretty..Iam also making one..Birdie part is done..Also making the hexagons..Almost 70 done..Iam also a big fan of Attic24 :)

  12. Lovely wreath and birdie ornament!
    love the colors you have chosen!

  13. Oh, that is pretty Pearlin! I'm not a big fan of wreaths, but that looks so interesting.

  14. Thank you Ninu.
    Swapna, Nima, Saritha, I can't wait to see your versions!
    Josie, Mimi, thank you for your kind words .

  15. I love it all! Gorgeous, colourful happy work.

  16. That is so perfect for spring and super cute too:)

  17. Your wreath really is gorgeous. I love the colour combination and design.

  18. thank you Kate Preeti.:)
    Welcome and thank you Made at Greenview.


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