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I’ve been down with a severe food allergy that left me with a mouth full of sores. So bad, that I couldn’t even open my mouth to eat or speak.I am still on heavy drugs, that keep me drowsy the entire day.
Being the weekend, I tried to keep myself awake, working on these little things,  not wanting to sleep the entire day.Finally, the drugs did what they were supposed to do and knocked me out two days in a row!
Pattern : Fragrant Frock Sachet
Although I just looked at the picture and made it.And didnot follow the pattern at all.
Hook : 1.65 mm # 7
A cellphone cover, some lace, and  one more sachet.
I still havn’t recovered, but its getting better.


  1. Hugs dear friend!! I hope that you feel better soon. I know your pain - I have food allergies too and I hope that you are able to identify the cause.

    You're crafting even though you're taking allergy meds? Amazing!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell, I hope you're better very soon. Your little fragrant bag is lovely, and oh,that sparrow story...one day it will happen to us won't it...reminds me to treasure the 'now'...

  3. pearlin...hope that uou are better now...


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