Better Late than Never

I missed  the last Sew It.I was so excited when the gadget pouch got voted coz that was what I wanted to do.It is the easiest tutorial!
Excuses Excuses. For one,choosing the fabric from my non existent fabric stash is my biggest challenge right now.
With some of my health related issues, I never got around to stitching it even though I had all pieces cut out and ready to sew.
It took all of half an hour to stitch it, that was because, I was wondering how to stitch the velcro to the fabric.You see, I thought my machine could not sew the velcro on to the fabric, (silly me had not lowered the foot) and finished stitching the whole pouch and then decided it absolutely needed a closure.IMG_8120
For the top, I machine stitched the velcro after I finished the pouch, and  at the bottom, I hand stitched it. Because by then I had completed all the stitching part.
Love it! .This fabric is part of a fat quarter that dh got for me from the US long back. I am so happy, I had enough to make this pouch after I used most of them for my Christmas sampler quilt. 
You can check out the  other wonderful gadget pouches featured here.
Thanks to Mayya for hosting Sew It,its because of it that I have learnt to love sewing.Would it be blasphemous to say, sewing interests me more than crochet now?


  1. Nice One!!And this is so useful too right..

  2. wow...that looks neat and lovely. look out for magnetic clasp for your next attempt. it is very easy to fix and will give you a professional look.

  3. thank you Saritha.Yes it is very useful

    Thanks Nima,You are rt about the magnetic snaps. the original plan was to fix magnetic snaps then I misplaced the ones I had somewhere and couldn't find them. So plan B :)

  4. That is so nice! Lovely work.

  5. That's a great idea and you did such a great job with the sewing and the exam fever!!


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