Cars for Sale

This is a new trend  all over the area we live in. Cars that are for sale are parked in open spaces, with info about the car and the telephone number of the owner.
the open space, in front of our building has been converted into one such selling spot.
People passing by often check out these cars .These cars stay out there in that space  for a day or two.I would like to think that they sell like hot cakes .
These men are checking out the car.


  1. we have an area like that to the right of our building. we have no idea who "manages" it all but people park their cars there at night and it makes it really hard for the husband to come home because there's so many people walking around or parked in the middle of the road

  2. Good thing you will have first dibs on a really great car - think fast and shiny!!

  3. Shanna, this place is hardly used otherwise for anything else, so its not a problem for us.But I can see, if the place around is small it can be a real menace.
    Only problem for us now is that , if our parking lot gets crowded, we cannot park our car there as we used to do before. :)
    Right on Preeti, I always like checking out what new ones have come there :)


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