Cupcakes anyone?

As I was making Nima’s pincushion,I had all sorts of ideas swimming in my head. I decided the top would make a cute cupcake too :D Its a very inspiring pattern .Go grab it if you want its up until 31st May
So I decided to make some.IMG_8015
When I got done with that mushroom and jellyfish  with curlycues for  legs came to my mind!
After I finished them, I realized the bottom was not stable. I did a Google search and came up with several similar looking cupcakes.The base of these cupcakes are  also not as stable as I would like it to be.Making them unsuitable to be used as pin cushions. Still,I liked how they looked, with those pins stuck in them .
M let me have them for a few hours before taking them away to sell in his Cake Bakery   which btw, has made him a millionaire already  !
I think I should just make him some more play food and start planning for our early retirement  in some Caribbean Island ;)


  1. Jummy, they look jummy. The pins are like sprinkles on the cupcakes. Are you really sure you can't eat them????

  2. Very nice! I also had thought of making crocheted cupcakes.... had got the pattern here...

    But I haven't got around to making it yet ! Are they easy to make?

  3. thank you Bietje and welcome to my blog. :D

    yea VJR,very easy.If you have made hats or even crocheted in rounds, then it is a no don't even need a pattern :)
    thanks for the link. there are so many out there if you google search , but the problem is none of them have a stable base by itself.That is what I am trying to figure out now.

  4. wow...that looks cute...i will blog about your cupcake too when i blog about few other transformations the participants made in their 2nd attempt.

  5. Those are cute! How about stabilizing the base with something heavy inside - dried beans maybe?


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