dressing it up

  I was cleaning out my craft shelf once again( yea, its my fav pass time)and saw  this little motif, I’d made sometime back  among other things.Wondered how it would look as a little embellishment , Dh suggested I add a button too. Surprisingly I had one that matched.
closer look
hmmmm not bad huh? is it  a nice personal touch to have ? or is it overkill? what do you think?
I haven't fixed it yet. I am thinking of hot gluing it as hand stitching would show on the inside . rt?. But I have never handled hot glue before.Any suggestions? ideas?
clutch 2


  1. That is absolutely stunning! No such thing as overkill when it comes to accessories! I haven't used hot glue before, but worth a go I'd say, particularly if stitching isn't an option (would a neat stitch be a problem?)...looks fabulous. and thank you for the tips on my crochet, so appreciate it! I'm hoping to have time this weekend to sit & have a go...

  2. Hello Pearlin.... After trying sooooo many times since a few months, I have finally been able to comment on ur blog. I used to get an error every time I tried to comment here. :-)
    Hope u haven't forgotten me...ha ha.. :D
    Anyways, that motif looks absolutely beautiful with a button. That was a great idea! Ha Ha!

  3. Great idea Pearlin!!It looks really good..Regarding the hot glue, no idea..What I tried to do once when I forgot to add an inside pocket before sewing the lining in (can u imagine), is I tried to hand sew by pulling the outer fabric with the other hand so that it doesnt get sewn on to that..Since its just the button, I think it might be easier..Does this help??

  4. it looks fabulous!! go for it..

  5. wow...gorgeous embellishment...

  6. I must stand apart from everyone else and say "overkill", though if the black had been plain, then the embellishment would have looked good. But that's just me. In the end I think you should do what looks good to you!

  7. Its pretty Pearlin! I think the design elements go well together...I wouldn't have guessed that a very crafty girl like you never used a glue gun before ;) Just be very careful and maybe teach your boys how to use it properly so they won't think its a toy.
    For attaching a button, I would put hot glue on the center of the motif, then press the button on it, being careful to not touch the hot glue.
    If you'd like to sew, you could try to hide the stitches between the motif and the fabric...maybe try not to sew the thread through the lining, so it will not show.

  8. Wow Pearlin, What an Idea!!! Its added to the beauty of your clutch.

  9. That's the cutest finishing touch, although I don't know about it standing the test of time with the glue gun method. But it would definitely work.


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