exam week

Finally, when that got scratched out of the list, our exam week started . Usually, we are pretty cool around this time.With A, studying was never a problem.I could never understand all the drama around exam time when people told me about it. They have so little to study I would always think. I never realised how lucky I was ,until M came along.
Now he is a different story altogether. Give him a  piece of paper and a pencil to draw and colour, he can sit at it quiet as a mouse for hours on end without a squeek. Give him a book to learn, no matter how little he has to study, say a couple of lines, he  starts the whining and the crying and sulking and what not.Not to mention writing. One little word from his text book,  is all that takes to make him break into his favourite song,”my hands are paining, I am sleepy” .And boy !can he  whine! And this is a recent transformation I must add, which makes it all the more frustrating.
Today is the last day of all the major subjects for A and M, exam is a joke for him really. They have one teeny tiny lesson with just two or three one line question answers, one word fill in the blanks. While with A, I complained, there were not enough  lessons to make him study.For M, I complain, he’s got too much to study. It is like a compare and contrast  study of character!
Good thing , he is here and not in India!People I know what exam week  is now, and I am truly sorry for being so nonchalant about it till now! I’ll take one humble pie please.thank you.
Anyways with all that stress( its a mercy I did not have a nervous break down!) and


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