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Our red rose plant is full of blooms now, as are our bougainvilleasIMG_8022 IMG_8023
The temperature is soaring up by the day. the tap water in the shower and all the pipes are hot, courtesy solar energy.And we’ve already lost our white rose to the temperature.As we were thinking of  ways to protect our little babies from the blistering heat,we noticed the leaves in the rose plant looking like this
Huh? what could  be causing this? bugs? caterpillars? deficiencies?
We are pretty inexperienced at this gardening thing.After spending a lot of time scratching our heads over it, we thought we ‘d to take this picture to the nursery  to see if they could help.
Well, everyday around lunchtime, it is our favourite pastime to sit on the dinning table and admire our plants and flowers.The birds come looking for a worm
and the bees  come buzzing by.They come for nectar we think and wonder where their hives dripping with honey could be.
It can’t be far away offers someone, I hope it is not here in the balcony worries someone else. Oh I donot want to be stung by a bee_ it hurts ,shudders another ,thinking of a past experience. 
Who would have thought  we were in fact looking at the little culprits?!.
Here’s a little video,when we caught one of them in action :D
The scream/yell/howl  you hear in the background, according to the soon to be six year old, is trying to tell the bee in  beespeak, to go and find some other place to cut leaves and to leave our plants alone.
Never mind the bee went about his business, busy as a bee and did not bother to listen. hmph!!
Unfortunately there are very few ways to stop these little leaf cutting buggers. so we are trying to look at the positive side and think of it as a   a little nature study right in our balcony :)


  1. oh...that's interesting to read about leaf cutter bees. out temperature is already touching 50 degrees....these are the hottest days of the year...

  2. Amazing that your roses look so gorgeous despite the heat and that video is fantastic, I have to show this one to my kids!

  3. That's very interesting...
    Love the flowers, good job :)


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