I’d be anything for you.

A has been nagging for a pet for long time now, preferably a puppy. Between M and me, we have a truck load of allergies to deal with so I’m hesitant to add a pet to the mix and have to deal with more allergies in the future.And moreover, we barely have enough space for four people in our apt, so where do we make room for a pet?
Fish is the best pet to have ,I often tell him.We do have a pair of gold fish and another pair of tetra.
“But  I want a companion to play with, a fish can’t play with you !“ pleaded A ,
“you have a brother to play with” I chided him
“But he’s not a puppy” A whined
“I could act like a puppy if you want annan” M very helpfully offered in all seriousness.
yea , anything, to make  his hero and big brother happy.


  1. lol...that is too funny...

  2. That is a fantastic offer! I'm allergic to doggy dander too and that's why we had a puppy for all of 3 days! All of us miss him, but it was either the dog or me. Good thing the family chose me, otherwise all of them would have been in the dog house!!!

  3. thanks Nima
    Hehehee Preeti,i'm sure they know better !:)

  4. aww! what a sweet offer from M. jerrett is wanting a dog but he's deathly allergic to the dander and saliva...same with cats. i think if we move later this year we'll get him fish.

  5. :) thank you Shanna.Don't all boys want a dog?! Fish are harmless in my opinion.
    we got the gold fish we have, along with Happy Meal from Shrimpy ! they are so friendly,and sweet they know when you are around, blow bubbles and all.


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