Little Notes

Can you read this little note?  If you cannot decipher what is written, it says,”Dear Mama, I love you so much” :)
These little notes can be found all around my home. Sometimes, they are also accompanied by little pictures. The author of these little notes is , well yes you guessed it , M!
He is most expressive little boy I know! Never fails to express how happy he feels or how sad or how angry.When words fail him, little pictures  make up for him.But he makes sure his feelings are known.IMG_7493
Does this picture not break your heart?!
  even the flower in the picture is drooping , because he is sad and is ready to leave dada’s  home to go to mumma’s home .Don't miss the cross above dada's home and check above mumma's home
For someone who has driven people crazy, with her inability to express herself clearly, this is amazing_more because she gave birth to him!

On the day, they  handed him to me  wrapped up in a bundle for the very first time,  I would swear, he cooed and smiled at me _and anyone who heard me, laughed and said newborns do not do all that.

so, when that special girl in his life thanks me for bringing up such an expressive man into her life, all I can tell her is _ He was just born that way :)


  1. oh how's always nice to read about your little ones

  2. Thank you Nima and Jessyz :)

  3. That is adorable, he is so expressive and communicates it so well through art. I have a "treasure box" of Prithvi's little doodles and pictures too. They grow up too quick:(


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