My Creative Space # 14

This week,  my creative space aka the dinning table , has seen a lot of action involving fabric , self healing mat ,rotary cutter, and the sewing machine. But I’ve not been really making anything!
Just Practicing _with left over fabric from other projects.
Rotary cutting, stitching in a straight line and getting the 1/4” seam ,are all my very weak spots right now.So I’ve been working on them and getting to know some of the  basics.
Haven't we all heard that Practice makes Perfect ,a zillion times? I also say that so many times to my oldest when he is at his piano.
Now, wouldn’t it be really bad, if I don’t practice what I preach? :)) 
Joining in with Other Creative Spaces over at Kristy’s Kootoyoo


  1. good on you for practicing! Are you going to turn your practice strips into anything?

  2. Hi Mandy welcome . I havn't decided what to do with them yet.

  3. i just bought a rotary cutter a month ago and i'm not all that great with it! even with a ruler i can't get straight lines! i have a rotary that slides along a guide of a ruler (it's at the top of the pic here that i use for everything! good for you for practicing!

  4. I just popped over from kootoyoo and got distracted by the mention of tatting in your profile. One of my customers was talking about it the other day but I had never seen it before. She has offered to give me a demonstration and now that I have seen your tatting projects I am really looking forward to my first lesson.

  5. Those fabric strips are so cheerful! Good for you - practice does make perfect and you're going to be an ace after this!

  6. Good for you trying out new things, I'm sure you will create some wonderful pieces!


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