Nima’s Pincushion

Nima has a lovely little hat pincushion pattern giveaway and I was quick to grab it with both hands  :) She asked us to embellish it with as we liked it.
As I was thinking what to do after I finished the pincushion,a little person very generously offered his little treasure of the day and also showed me  how to do it.
In order to be on the good books of this  sometimes  very naughty imp, :D  (he was going to be katti  *with me otherwise) I have to show it to you all. So here it is.
He got this little ribbon wrapped around  chocolate. It wasn’t long before he was katti again over something else and the precious  ribbon was nastily confiscated  along with the hat cushion .Its not easy being on his good books forever ,you know.
Good lesson to remember ,that it is  always better to have your own stuff  as opposed to borrowed stuff rt? So I made another one .This time, I decided to use my own stuff. :D
I used the ric rac I crocheted sometime before  as lace around it and rolled it up roughly to form a rose. 
psst, I like the this  version better, don’t you agree? But we’ll keep that between ourselves  and pretend that his version is better than mine so he’ll let me keep mine  ok? ;D
*katti is the being cross, not friendly anymore.Kids use this a lot :) 


  1. oh the embellished hats are so adorable and so is the write up:-)

  2. lovely to see your pretty pincushion. and your writing is cute as always....pearlin tell little one that i liked his embellishment more....

  3. Lovely Pearlin!!very cute!!And the "katti" thing made me laugh out loud..Its a very frequently used word in our household :)

  4. Such a pretty pin cushion and I loved the story behind the katti thing!! I haven't heard that word ever since I left the Middle East, brings back fond memories:)

  5. Your pincushionis lovely Pearlin..very pretty!
    Julia ♥

  6. pin cushions are very beautiful.and very cute write up as always!! :)

  7. thank you ladies.
    Nima, you are going to be M's fav from now on :))


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