Scenes from a Friday that was Hazy

In spite of the bad weather,IMG_7732
we decided to go out on Friday to the Avenues.The children needed new skates and protection gear .
We usually go to the Avenues in the morning , its so crowded in the evenings, I kid you not! it gets so claustrophobic for me.
Parking gets crazy too, in  spite of this cool system they have there.The number of parking spaces are already displayed.IMG_7705
No more empty spaces.
IMG_7701 when cars occupy the empty space, the sensor on top of the space goes red and empty spaces have green lights.I adore these kind of systems.
these pebbles remind me of our lives in Pondicherry.There was this area, very close to our home there, where they used to dig out these pebbles from some sort of coarse red sand. I always thought they were found on river banks and seeing them being dug out of land with not a river  or even a stream in sight used to intrigue me so!
A and I have spent hours and hours collecting them, and lugging them home in little sack bags, with the dh grumbling that we were filling up the  car and our home with stones !
Not just that, my MIL who visited us  also took back three or four bags of these  for her garden back home,much to my  FIL ‘s irritation.
The layout of the Mall on one floor.
My favourite IKEA  
which is as big as it really looks.
A took this picture  because he liked  the horse sculpture at one of the storesIMG_7692


  1. Ikea is everyone's favourite isnt it..And that weather..Its been like that here too..For the past 2 or 3 days..My little one is allergic to this so we have been indoors all the while..

  2. yes it is everyone's favourite and I always say, I could live there :)
    we've been having very unpredictable weather these days.

  3. take care of the little one Saritha.

  4. Best way to spend time during a duststorm!


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