Stepping into the Quilting World

very  picture heavy I must warn you .
Saturday, I dragged my dh and M to the Quilt show here.
I ‘ve seriously been thinking of  making time to get more involved in the Quilt group here.Since I still don’t drive, and arranging transport is not that easy here  and with time, I’ve changed into this person, who is most happy in her own company, Honestly, I ‘ve become  an introvert who is  just scared to go out on her own.   I’ve put off , being part of the group here _which a fantastic group of very talented women btw.
So I thought, that if I took the dh with me, and showed him all the fabulous quilts there, he’d just know what I was talking about and give me that push out the door ( pathetic I know, but sadly that's how I function these days:))
Seems like my plan worked perfectly :D .No sooner did we come back from there_ he was in fact rushing me  to get out soon while we were there ,mind you_he started out by asking me for a list of things for him to do , so that I could go to these group meetings .
I enjoyed the show so  much, and even though finding the place, took a little time, I was so excited we finally found it.There weren’t any  other people there , except for two ladies, who were sitting there and chatting among themselves.Perfect for me, as I could walk around  and enjoy the exhibits without  feeling uneasy.
The quilts were all  hung on the wall, so it was very nice to look at.There were  traditional quilts, art quilts, also other Textile Arts, like Cross stitch , Embroidery, Bedouin Weaving , Crochet and Knitting. Sad part, we were running late to pick up A from his Hindi tuition and I missed the exhibits of Crochet and Knitting.Dh did see them and I was so mad at him that he did not point it to me.
In spite of that  one teeny tiny grouse, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing this amazing craft first hand , all in one place.Which is a first for me.I can’t tell you  how happy I was to get a chance to go there .When I first made my first quilt, it was exhibited here at the Quilt Show, but I never got a chance to visit the show.My  instructor made  sure I got the participation ribbon which I collected  from her  one and a half years later.Really ! With M being ill and all, I never got a chance to go out at all.
You see , I took pictures of everything there, so that I could see them again and again if I wanted to. But I ‘m posting a few that I really liked. wanna see ?
Way to the venue marked on palm trees there
These signs were there , right up to the hall and we followed all the arrows , like in a Treasure hunt  to the entrance :)
Just as we entered
There was this board, with the motto of the KTAA.IMG_7837
IMG_7841 This quilt had a lot of dinosaurs on it. and its  called A Lost World ,I think. M liked it obviously.
Bird of Paradise
Funny story about this quilt, I didnot realise it had the Kuwait Towers in it,and was staring at it, trying to get an idea of what it was, M, standing beside me,calmly asked me, “but mumma , why is the Kuwait Tower shaped so strangely ? Its supposed to be round rt?” only then did I realize what the quilt was about!
IMG_7844 This quilt is called India meets Bali I think.It was made with Batiks.I did not take very good note of the titles, some of the ones I read were very clever and interesting.But then time was my enemy,also because it was the last day  of the show.
I was really amazed that M, actually recognized a momma and a baby in this quilt. I did not see that the moment I saw that quilt. this little fellow has quite an eye I tell you.and here I was thinking he would just be walking beside me, not having a clue to what it all was about.
Selvedge Quilt
Machine Appliqué Quilt
look at the colours!
Someone’s first Kaleidoscope, I think.
I also liked this Peacock Quilt
IMG_7872 IMG_7873
IMG_7874 IMG_7876
Again Appliqué’
IMG_7879 IMG_7880
There’s more, this is too many pictures for one day rt? I’ll post the rest of the pictures later.The talent out there is  is just mindboggling!


  1. WOW!! They are amazing, it's incredible to think they are made from fabric, some look just like paintings! I'm so glad you got to go this time & to take in all it's beauty. Thanks for sharing...

  2. I forgot to breathe while looking at the photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! The quilts look like paintings.. You are lucky to have had the chance to visit the expo.

  3. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful quilts.

  4. i never know about stuff like this! is it over?

  5. yw, aren't they all amazing!its so nice to see that you all enjoyed the quilt show too.
    yes Josie I too stopped breathing there!
    Shanna , it got over Saturday.

  6. Hello Pearlin,

    I looked through these quilts and the photo following the Kuwait Towers is using blocks from the Dear Jane (DJ) quilt. Look up to see an amazing quilt in it's original form, if you haven't heard of it before.

    I'm making my own DJ quilt.

    I too enjoy my own company. So I can identify with you. Love being at home, I never get bored. But I do live a fairly full week though.



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