Weekend at Hawally Park

This weekend, we took the boys to Hawally Park. IMG_7552
As in most government parks, the entrance is free. We have to pay individually for all the rides for which there is a card,that you can recharge as much as you want .IMG_7559 There are a whole lot of rides to choose from.IMG_7563 I hate going on any rides in the park except the Ferris wheel.Dh would get on any ride except the Ferris wheel, so I talked A into coming with me. It was a little disappointing ,because the Ferris wheel went very  very slow and  took just three turns. I was waiting for it to pick up speed. It was a lot of fun though to sit on top of the wheel and look around the Hawally Area.
My boys  have a few standard rides that they go on in every park.
The bumper car
M blowing me a kiss :)
The bike ride
and the Merry go roundIMG_7594
We wanted to go on the carriage .IMG_7580Since it was  full, every time we went near the booth to mount on it, we decided to walk around and come back and then M got hungry and got distracted with this  IMG_7603  and  we forgot about the Carriage.While at the ropes, he jumped so high .I knew ,he was imagining he was Terence,  Tinkerbelle’s friend in the Tinkerbelle movie and was most annoyed I found out his little secret.

He insisted on riding the pirate ship because he was the pirate who didn’t  do anything :D
Unlike Big Brother, who is all into Cars and Bikes, little brother is all about fairytales.Since he cannot be a girl fairy, he takes comfort in the fact that there are also boy fairies like Terence and Mermen like Ariel’s dad much to  Big Brother’s embarrassment and irritation.Who accuses me of feeding  nonsense into little brother’s head, forgetting he still is  was  there in that  imaginary world  of race car drivers and dirt bikers a few years back !
As we were coming out of the park, we saw these little bunnies dressed in little frocks at one of the pet shops there
Although they do look cute , I couldn’t help feeling sorry for these poor little bunnies.


  1. What a cute bunch of bunnies! Your boys look like they had a blast!! Prithvi is 11 and still loves watching Disney movies (his excuse is that he is giving Kiki company!)

  2. glad to know that you had a fun time at the park...thank you for sharing the images.


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