Brighten your winter Scarf

Picked up  four skeins of this yarn long time ago and had no clue what to use it for.When I saw this pattern , it seemed like it would work perfectly.
I wanted to work on a no brainer,to keep my hands occupied while children did their holiday homework. And this was a strangely therapeutic too.I did goof up a couple of times and had to rip it out but over all, I am pleased with how this project turned out.IMG_8386V
I really like the stitch definition it creates .
 Project Details :
Yarn:  4  skeins of Schachenmayr nomotta Boston colour 43 lot k1255-419326 ( 70% acrylic, 30% New Wool)Pattern : Brighten your winter scarf by Elisabeth Hale
Needles : 8 mm Pony Plastic Straight
Tidbits :
I have previously made the Seed Stitch  scarf, so I wasn’t going for anything new, other than  just using up this yarn.
I cast on only 25 stitches, as it was quite wide and also because, I did not want to run short of yarn.
You see,wouldn’t have happened if not for this yarn  .I am trying to use up all the yarn I have.
Although very soft,it splits a lot and also gets snagged here and there too.
I made this scarf for my mom d.She likes to cover her neck and ears while she sleeps at night and I thought a scarf would be useful for her, so she can just wrap it around her head. I hope she likes it .


  1. What a beautiful patterned stitch it has, I love this scarf!

  2. wow..beautiful mom also covers her ear and neck when she thoughtful of you to make a scraf for your mom..i have never thought to crochet one for her..thanks for opening my mind...

  3. Lovely stitch and colour!!

  4. nice colour..ur mom will like it for sure

  5. Pretty texture and the softest color - beautiful. IMHO holidays and homework should never go together! Hope the boys are all done:)


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