from a design workshop……

I realized that designing is not my cup of tea
I haven't got one creative bone in me and thats ok. There are so many designers doing that for us.
I will not pretend and say that I could do it now that I know the basics. No-I cannot design anything, if my life depended on it. 
at least I know what goes into it and so designing isn’t scary anymore,and that s a freeing thought. 
As I fumbled through pulling out designs from simple things, and felt like a two year old among all the other super talented ladies,I kept asking myself ,what I was doing there  and couldn’t wait for the day’s workshop to be over.However, when the day was over, I was thrilled to discover, that design elements can be pulled out of random and extremely simple things.
I did not do much but seeing what others did was just so wonderful.
One of the most amazing things that happened at the class was that, there ‘s this lady who’s all into swirls  and curves.When we were working on taking out design elements from random stuff, she brought out a lovely little pattern.Later when we were looking at a published authors book, that exact design was there! Translated into a quilt! That I was there , experiencing that design take shape was truly awe inspiring for me.IMG_8353 
I took the workshop for learning more about colours and although I have played with colours all my life, when it came to translating those colours to fabric, I struggled again.
Still it was fun mixing watercolours and colouring  little columns ,with a bunch of other ladies!
Most of all, I am happy, I slowly fighting my fear of meeting new people and going out on my own.And that tempted as I was, I didnot give up.


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