My Creative Space # 16

I’m a scatterbrain when it comes to crafts. I start one thing, and then something else catches my fancy and then go and do something else and on and on it goes…..
That's probably why I take so much time to finish one project.
I finished this Scarf
and decided to work on another knit scarf ,this time for A, who requested a black scarf and I had gotten only this far……IMG_8388 
……when I got the itch to stitch ,and had to fish this project out and start  working on it!
Now I’m super excited ,the end is almost at sight :D

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  1. Cabling and embroidery look good..need to try cabling..

  2. Oh the cable scarf looks awesome. Love the first one too. Well done on your finish & looking forward to seeing the embroidery finished. Very pretty so far!

  3. i love the lavender. it looks exactly like what i'm making..

  4. Your stitching is really beautiful..and I love that black scarf!

  5. Ooh I love the black scarf!

  6. I also think the cable scarf looks awesome!
    It could be fun to move from one project to another, and finish them up one after another ;)

    Now I know why some of my comments get lost...I close the window thinking I'm done, while I forget to type in the word verification :p


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