Square Doily

The sewing one thing per day plan, got shelved even before it started. Stuck in the home with two boys  bursting with energy with no options at all for out door activities, I should have known better. We do have fun,  so far its all good and its been only a day :). Ask me  a week later , then I may tell you how this constant bickering ,noise and the energy ,along with  my inability to keep up with it all ,gets on  my raw nerves.
This doily was part of a group project, I belonged to .We had several projects going on every month.As usual, I was always behind in completing all the projects, but I liked all the charted thread projects they chose to make.And made quite a few of the patterns too. Now the group is sadly closed.
The shape of the doily was what drew me to it.I’d never made a square doily before. I had some  size 10,DMC Babylo thread  in lovely green lying around.Plus it was charted.I have no idea where the pattern is from , or what it is called.I used a 1.5 mm Jimra hook for it. I love working with this thread, its so smooth.But the store  has  very few colours  to choose from.That s the reason I gravitate towards Perle’ cotton 8 most of the time.I was hoping against hope that the thread would be enough and luckily, it was just enough.
I was recently startled by the realization that I  can no longer read patterns with the ease I used to. Only charted patterns appeal to me now.With written patterns, I find myself getting extremely impatient and keep checking the pictures from time to time to see the number of stitches, etc ,instead of just reading the pattern fully!
I was a little sad at that realization,and quickly set about making another simple doily pattern from a written pattern and failed!I did complete what I started,but I had to rely heavily on the pictures and kept checking them all the time.
It feels like a teeny bit of me has been taken off from me ,and I feel helpless about it.Why am I saying all this? simply to record this change in me.
Oh well, there are scores of charted patterns with me, I might not finish them all in this lifetime! Now that is a consoling thought, although not much right now, at this moment.
I had finished this one loooong back, but as I've been known to do,I kept putting off the blocking  part.Although I did not do a very good job of the blocking, I ‘m glad it is done.
I ‘d decided  not give away any of my doilies and other crocheted things  when it struck me that I have none of my crocheted things for myself or our home to show off.It 's decorating my coffee table right now.  IMG_8175
Project Details
Thread :   size 10 DMC Babylo
Hook : 1.5 mm Jimra
Pattern :  group project ; unknown source


  1. wow..lovely square doily.

    If you have a link to chinese doily charts, please do post it here. I never used to save the links of charted patterns and now when i learned to read the charted pattern i cannot find anything online.

  2. thanks Nima. Will surely do.

  3. Looks great!!And you made it with thread..Wow!!

  4. Lovely one! Pearlin. I like charted patterns too. I have two abandoned doilies now which are due to written directions. :)

  5. Love the shape of this doily. To me, i find it much easier with written patterns.

  6. That IS pretty! I've never seen a square doily before.

    I'm the same way with knitting garments. I used to be able to (and loved) knitting a sweater in pieces and seaming them together. Now that I've discovered one-piece-knitting from the top down, I tend to stay away from the sweater patterns that are knit in pieces and if I have to I just fumble along like I have two thumbs!

  7. I just found your blog from icrochet.blogspot.com. I'm enjoying seeing all of your projects! I'm a crocheter and part-time knitter. Can you share the pattern for this square doily? I love it! thanks. rhondabrite@yahoo.com


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