Summer vacation_ week 0ne

The boys  think its more fun to help around the kitchen than watch T.V
and  help bake cupcakes
mainly because of the incentive of getting to lick the  bowl  clean!
Some one lost his front teethIMG_8211
Big brother got a brand new cycle and little brother got a  new scooty.They got to go swimming in the pool with their friends.
I started a mindless, seed stitch scarf  that does not need me to concentrate but would keep my hands busy.


  1. They already got vacation? Mine have classes till July 1st...and now a days it is so hot he is dead tired coming back :(....nice to see you got two little helpers to assist you in kitchen works ;) Enjoy your summer vacation Pearlin!

  2. so nice to see your kitchen assistance...

  3. Nice to have little helper's & taste testers...Your seed stitch scarf is lovely.

  4. Yay for summer vacation, what fun! Looks like they are really enjoying themselves:)


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