Some of you might have noticed that I have been sporadic in  my blogging.Well,Like I already mentioned, Summer Vacations have already started for my boys.And for once I am so pleased with my children’s school management for closing  June 1st unlike the other schools.Children I know, are having such a hard time, having to go in the heat,without proper AC in the vans and come back home drained and tired.
I have a no T.V/ computer in the Mornings till Seven in the evening _rule for the boys,which means that I cannot get on the computer too , when the boys are around.
With the scorching sun , now reaching temperatures of 48 degree Celsius or even more, they hardly get to go out. But they help around the house, help with the cooking, washing dishes,etc _ it takes a  longer time than what I would do alone, but I am happy they are learning these things.
The main purpose of my post today is you let you all know that , till summer vacation gets over, posting on my blog  is going to be sparse . I have some posts scheduled so the blog doesn’t look dead while I am gone.
I may not be visiting your blogs and commenting too.I hope you guys will understand. We all know how Summer Vacations fly past in a wink ,rt?
I haven't answered comments too. I am sorry, Please know that I I really do appreciate you taking time to leave me comments. Thank you.


  1. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Summertime is for fun!! Enjoy the summer with your boys, they grow up too quick.


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