I need help……..

Trying to be organised !
I had neglected the organizing for a long time and now I feel completely lost.  I can’t find a lot of things .I know I have them, but can’t remember where I’ve kept them.
I know ,my favorite hook has disappeared.For a long time.I have this bad habit of sticking my  hooks to the projects I am working on .Needless to say, they are all in different little drawers I have all over the home.
I ‘ve been making do with what was there in the hook box, but still miss it very very badly. I know I had a lot of magnetic snaps. And I cannot remember where I ‘ve put them.I know its there somewhere, but its missing too.I know I got some elastic, but don’t remember where I put them as well.Thread, disappear just when I need them too.
 IMG_7470 fav hook
I have consciously put a stop to hoarding yarn, but,I am now smitten with fabric! And even though I have not seriously  started doing anything with them, I have quite a lot of that too. It has now gotten to the stage where I am completely overwhelmed.
So tell me how do you organize your craft things/ stash, notions, books etc ?


  1. That is the sweetest flower. I recently bought a cabinet for our living area to put all my crafty bits & bobs in, somehow that is becoming smaller by the day with drawers & doors struggling to close...

  2. I bought a hook case, the one where you slide your hooks in. I also never leave a hook in a project ( lulu unraveled a few and tried to eat the hooks). I always use a paper clip on the last chain. Other than that I just keep yarn in bags separated by fiber type and fabric in another. I wish I had a nice big cupboard where I could organize everything by colors and lots of hand written labels. I would open it every day while listening to good music and feel very happy. Back to real life now

  3. I keep losing hooks too. Not because I leave them in my projects. I try to keep them in a tin when not in use. I still lose them. My ongoing projects are kept on our ironing board. and yarn and faric in IKEA boxes. My stash of both is small so manageable as of now.

  4. Pearlin, I love your blog make over ...especially the header image.

    Crafty organizing is something equally important like our kitchen organizing... Because we have enough built in cupboards and drawers in kitchen, organizing there is ok...

    Since i don't have a permenant sewing room...putting up more storage is a pain....but these days our second bedroom is kind of sewing room for me...and if we have guest overnight...we give our bedroom for guest and we both sleep in my sewing room...luckly my dh is ok with that...lol.

    we need enough storage space to organize the fabric, yarn and other crafty stuff. check this link pearlin...


    ...these drawers are stuffed with my yarns and thread...and i took an oath myself that, i will not buy anything more which these drawers cannot hold....lol...

    I have another wooden chest of drawers with fabric stash...

    and for my hooks, i have an old perfume tin...luckly it is perfect size for my hooks...and i don't keep hooks on my wip,i know i will have to dig it up,because i don't have duplicate hooks for all numbers. i use plastic paper clips as stitch markers and i use the same to lock the end stitch.and i try to keep my wip as 1 or 2..and i store it in a plastic baskets...

    I think my comment is going to be a post now...i better do a blog post with lots of pictures...for that i need to tidy up my sewing area....good reason to reorganize my sewing area....lol

  5. My yarn is stored in large IKEA bins (I'm going to have to buy another one pretty soon!), I have a couple of binders with the clear plastic sleeves that I store patterns in. Same for my circular needles. I have vintage tins for crochet hooks, buttons, stitch markers and other notions. I store my WIPs in large ziploc bags so that they don't get soiled or tangled inside my project bag.

    Yep, I'm pretty OCD with this organzing stuff!!!!


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