Just for the record…..

things M says…like….. “ you can kiss on the cheek of any girl but you can only kiss on her lips after you get married to her…. huh? rt mumma?”……….No ,I did not teach him that! And Yes ,I have no clue to where he gets these ideas from as well!


  1. He is being logical! ;) is that your elder one or the younger one?

  2. Also, I love the way your blog looks now..
    you designed it yourself? it goes with the title "Knottyville"..

  3. its the younger one Josie :).... about the header , I found it online on Blogger Themes.Thank you :)

  4. That's one of the bouncers they keep throwing to us! to make us either look at them with wide open mouth or laugh out loud....

  5. That is hilarious....Kids really do say the darnest things!

  6. hee hee..tats funny !!!! n sumtimes embarassin as well.....
    thk god h din tell tat in te middle of a houseful party at home...hee hee

    neways hope u remenber me dear...we hv not been havin correspondence for a while...we met in ravelry...n then i spotted ur blog....
    u hv indeed a very colourful blog..looks different n cute :)
    n i must say sm excellent stuff too.

    do visit my blog wen u get time :)n du still goto city church?

    this is my url

  7. Yep, he's definitely growing up quick! That's sweet, though:)

  8. Anu, so glad to see you here. you are right, the bouncers come in quite unexpectedly :)
    Hi S,welcome .Yes they do :)
    Hi Vidya,you are so right! I would be wishing the earth to open up and swallow me if he did that!
    I do remember we emailed each other. thanks for you sweet words on my blog.will definitely visit your blog :)
    Preeti,the growing up too fast is really scary :)


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