Summer Sunny Tote

With my parents away and our annual vacation postponed, I thought it would be really hard to pass the summer Holidays with nothing much to do(!)
But it seems like this is one of our busiest summers so far.I have no idea how the past month and a good part of this month whizzed past …anyways ….I have been working on a couple of things…..  the  latest off the hook…..
Project Details
Pattern : Sunny Summer Tote
Yarn : Sugar and Cream Cotton Coral Swirl #1020 lot 82416 ; from the 1 LB cone
Hook : H hook
Tidbits :
  1. I tested this pattern for JezzyZ of Chocolate Mints in a Jar   and we met too :))
  2. I love how quick easy and no fuss this pattern is.
  3. I took way more than the deadline to finish it, because of the craziness these summer holidays have become for me.
  4. Swapna helped me with the instructions to attach handles.I am so happy that its crocheted in and not sewn in  coz I always fear the handles would come off if they are sewn in.
  5. I plan to line it and add a zippered closure with a cellphone pocket and all that … lets see when I get to it :D
  6. Oh and the bag in the picture,  is standing on its own without any support.
  7. I had a friend’s two children, a boy and a girl come over to our home, to spend the day with the boys .The little girl who is seven and all girly girl, was eyeing this bag.I didnot have the mind to give it away so made her another bag with the same yarn.
Here it is
Same hook and yarn but  no real pattern :) and the little girl was very happy and said “ aunty its very very nice” Not just that , she has made me promise to teach her to Crochet, when she gets back from her vacation. Cool huh?


  1. Pearlin, they are very beautiful! Love the pink colour.

  2. both of them are beautiful!! love the pink one more with tht handle

  3. I love love how it turned out :-)

  4. wow..lovely bag...great finishing

  5. dear..thk u so much for the comment on te sweater....
    hey ...n i just love ur bag...i hv a gud mind to try it.....
    i c i can get lots of inspiration from ur i wanna keep track of ur am not able to find the "Follow" buttom or is tre any other mechanism ?


  6. Looks like you're having a lovely, busy summer and those bags are uber cute!!

  7. Thank you ladies
    Vidya,I use bloglines and you can find the button to subscribe to my blog on the sidebar.


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