Bahrain Trip _Summer 2010

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This summer we decided to take a  weekend trip to Bahrain ,to visit J’s cousin and fly there.We were so excited that we got a good deal with Al Wataniya Airways.Having read a lot about it we wanted to try Al Wataniya Airways and  were so pleased with its services.
I tried not to get too excited about it and jinx it all as this was our first ever pleasure trip as a family!
Before starting on the trip, we went to check out  where the Shiekh Saad airport was. Since we heard that it was a different airport from the Kuwait International Airport.Its a swanky new airport. Very helpful staff  too.We found out that we could avail of valet parking services at very nominal fees.
On the day of the trip,I made the children have an early dinner and headed to the airport. It was not crowded at all and we could finish all the formalities in no time.
We then had to wait for the staff in the airport to finish their Iftar and prayers before we were allowed to proceed to the waiting lounge.The children listened songs together on their Mp3
  goofed around
and waited .Finally when we completed the immigration, we went to check out the waiting lounge.Very child friendly and very IKEA :)
The flight services were very nice too. We had ordered child meal for the kids and it was so yum that the children gobbled them up in no time! The flying itself was so short.Although it is said to be 45 mins, it seemed like all we did once we got on the plane was , seat ourselves,eat dinner and get ready to get down.
We had already booked a rental car in Bahrain.As luck would have it, due to some hitch with the bank, our cards all were declined.And the company we had booked with first, refused to accept cash.So we had to go to the next booth where they accepted cash. 
J’s cousin had come to receive us the airport .As it was past midnight when we finally reached home, we all crashed for the night as soon as we got home .
The next day, we got up bright and refreshed,had a lovely breakfast of Idli, sambar, puttu and chicken curry,and proceeded to see the King Fahad Causaway.  Enroute, the greenery against the backdrop of turquoise waters was a treat to the eyes.
Sadly when we got there, it was closed for renovation
We loitered around a little ,took a few pictures and we decided to try the Museum.That was closed too on Friday.So we came back  to take a nap and get ready to attend the Friday evening Church Service.
Since it was Ramadhan and we could not have anything to eat outside, M acca, had prepared an yummy lunch of Biriyani, salad, and chicken fry. We hogged up to our necks and  promptly passed out.
In the evening we went to Church.Bahrain church just like ours is in the National Evangelical Church compound.Its a beautiful church.
There was a little farewell  ceremony for a Pastor who was leaving after the church service was over.
After the service, we went to a Vegetarian Restaurant called Sangeetha
On R anna’s suggestion, we decided to try their specialty  Mini Meal. It comes with a pineapple kesari, mini idlis dipped in sambar, vada, a mini masala dosa. Every single item on that plate was just superb!It also came with an option of Tea or Coffee along with it.I chose coffee because I was craving for some nice hotel coffee.I was not disappointed at all! Came very close to Ramana’s filter coffee in Pondicherry :)
We wanted to go see the Tree of Life the next day and the Museum ,so we got  back home, after chatting for a while, we  called it a day to leave early the next morning.
Day 2, our first visit was the Museum.
We enjoyed the beautiful works of art there
IMG_9178 IMG_9189
but my favorite was the Traditional Crafts and lifestyle section
IMG_9301 IMG_9298
and the Ancient Treasures
Have I told y’all how much I love visiting Museums?! Its my favourite place to visit at all places and yes Palaces too.
As much as I wanted to stay there longer,  we had to wind up fast as we had to drive deep into the desert to see the Tree of Life.
The Tree of Life  is a Mesquite tree that stands alone in an otherwise barren  rocky desert terrain.Its water source remains a mystery
IMG_9332 IMG_9339 IMG_9341 IMG_9353
The long drive into the desert tired out the children
and even though we had initially planned to visit the Arad Fort, we decided to head back home.
Bahrain ,for most part reminded me of India with streets like these.
IMG_9147 IMG_9133
But you know you are in another GCC  country when you see these…
IMG_9087IMG_9324IMG_9008 IMG_9016 IMG_9021 IMG_9380

IMG_9378  IMG_9316
IMG_9360 IMG_9159
You cannot forget Kuwait when there is a similar looking building 
Seeing  the name Kuwait brings a smile where ever you are_ be it on a street sign or on a building!
Few of the things that really stood out for me was the lack of locals in traditional abayas,and dishdashas. Not just that, we ‘re so used to being checked by the police or atleast seeing police patrols everywhere here in Kuwait, it was quite a surprise to not see even one police car on the roads.  Also no speeding cars ! :P
the humidity was  too much , but there was no hot air burning our cheeks in the night as well.
More than anything, the children had a blast with their cousins they were meeting for the first time.
listening to the same music,introducing their favourites to each other, playing games on the computer and exchanging school stories, while the bigger cousins and their wives caught up with their stories. It was a lovely trip.


  1. GLad that you had a nice trip to Bahrain...dO try to come to Muscat one day...It's a lovely place during winter...

  2. What a great holiday! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. looks like u had a very lovely holiday!!

  4. Very nice trip, Pearlin, glad you had lots of fun!
    I enjoyed looking at the pics...
    love to visit museums and palaces too :)

  5. wow. this is an amazing trip i'd love to make one day to this land. thanks for sharing the pics. {i'm amazed...a metal tray!!}

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend away! And that's quite a mouth-watering thali, making me crave South Indian food, yum!


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