Carry Me Away Market Tote

 IMG_8749 This is another bag I tested for Jessy of Chocolate Mints in a Jar.Don’t you just love the lace design in this bag??!!Its one of my favourites.
This is such a easy and fun pattern.
Project Details :
Yarn:  5 skeins Schachenmeyer  nomotto Blue Jeans in two colours (51 lot 029 and 52 lot 018)
Hook:H hook
Pattern: Carry Me Away Market Tote
Tid bits :
  1. I made it with two strands of yarn held together
  2. I made the smaller bag version
  3. I did not line the bottom
  4. I think, I added up a couple of extra stitches when joining .And found it out only when I was going to make the handles, that I had more numbers .I worked that out by decreasing the stitches_  it did not affect the overall look of the bag.
  5. Funny thing was , although I was following the pattern correctly , I freaked out mid way, as there were no pictures, to check if I was on the right track. I emailed Jessy and she immediately sent me the pattern  for the larger version with all the pictures.Then making sure I was on the right track, I calmed down and worked on  rest of it.   
Got got late posting about it. I had too many things happening at home, that I couldn’t handle well;that got me completely disoriented.My computer started acting up …its a big deal for me… and the camera cord went missing too…..well what can I say except when it rains it pours….
Anyways, I have it all on control now. For starters, I have a maid to help me with the house cleaning and stuff.And then , Calcium tablets too.  I can’t believe ,I managed to get myself run down .It always takes a while to recognize what's going on and then bang! it strikes you!  I am happy  at least I realized that before everything got completely out of hand.
In the meantime, we had a prayer meeting after ages at our home. We found this wonderful caterer who made yummy food ( Biryani, Dalcha gravy,chicken fry and raita), so I had no work and all the time to enjoy meeting and chatting with everyone.It  was soo nice .
At the meeting,someone told us of this year’s VBS coming up We are soo looking forward to that .Oh I really can’t wait :)


  1. It looks very nice, though I can't see the rest of it. (Is it my computer?)
    Pearlin, I understand how things seem to be out of control sometimes...and yes, when it rains, it pours. I will be posting too about my not so good happenings.
    I hope you are feeling good already.

  2. Oh Wow! That is gorgeous, I love it!

  3. It turned out really lovely

  4. What a lovely bag. I don't crochet but really appreciate the skill of those who do. And I love the pink bag story - lovely bag for library books and CD's.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are set as a 'no-reply' so am responding here, although normally I wouldn't. I see that you have been blogging for one year? Congratulations! Hope you've had as much fun as I have!

  5. Love the bag and I think the colour is great as well!

  6. What a busy summer and I`m glad that the hardest part is over and that all is fixed for now:) What a super-lovely bag! This will be great when shopping for a few veggies and fruits! Great job!


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