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Sometimes the thread and hook call out to me and hardly let me put them down…..IMG_8782

what else can I do , except give in! I ‘m a push over like that .

A girl from our hometown, comes with us  to our Church .She works as a Staff Nurse and wanted learn a hobby to relieve stress. I offered to teach her Crochet with a very noble intention of increasing the crochet tribe ,to find a partner in crime….She readily agreed.So I took her shopping with me, got her a hook and gave her some of my yarn .After many prayers , chants , and some sighs of exasperations….we have so far learnt the Foundation chain and the Single Crochet.Its so fun teaching her .She is such a fast learner . And she is already hooked .I now have  got hold of a victim to yap for hours about yarn and hook and patterns  bwahahahaha  .

Creative Juices flowing in abundance over here…. go check them out and be inspired .


  1. This is really inspiring, I can see how you'd get your friend "hooked" too!! Beautiful work. It must be such fun to have a protegee ;-)

  2. Oh, it´s so lovely from you to teach your friend. I want a friend that crochet with me, dance with our hooks and yarn. ;o) But nobody in our town crochet. :o( All people here think, that crochet is only for grandma´s. But it isn´t only for grandma´s. It´s healthy for me and all people, that become a crochet gift from he, are happy.

    Have a beautiful hooky day.

    Many smiles and greets,

  3. Oh no, i mean people, that become a crochet gift from Me... ;o)

  4. Wow!!it looks really pretty!!!Can see lots of pretty pineapples. What is it?Must be so exciting to have a friend to crochet with you.

  5. A crafty kindred spirit, how wonderful! That is going to be one pretty doily :)

  6. wow!!have fun with you 'student'..doily is gonna be a very pretty one


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