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VBS has started for the boys and they are oh so happy they got a chance to go there. Its loooong way away from our home and no transportation available, so I take them in a taxi. Dh arrives by the time the sessions get over in the evening  and then both of us go and pick them up.
Each day they have a little contest and one of the days they had Rainforest Animal day.So I decided to attempt face paint for them.We decided to do Jaguars.M decided that since they are bros,they had to be the same  animal !Easier for me :)
I had to use face paint crayons as we couldn’t find a face paint in a box. While it was not that  hard to paint A’s face with it, M could not stand it for long…and kept twitching his face and would run every few seconds to check on the mirror if it was coming out right! .
Scary….Big brother Jaguar

and trying to be just as scary baby brother Jaguar
I would have preferred using a paintbrush and paints in a box  ….still……Not bad for a first timer huh?
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  1. Nice face painting, they both look great!

  2. big bro looks scary and lil one with tht face paint and expression looks cute!!u did a great job pearlin!!

  3. wow pearlin...your painting is absolutely awesome...

  4. These are the cutest Jaguars in the!?!

  5. Linda pintura la de tus niños. Muy bonitos trabajos. Greetings from Uruguay

  6. Thanks so much for your encouragement Mel, Ninu, Josie and Nima :)
    Maria ...welcome and thanks :)

  7. Wow, you did a great job with their faces!! They both look equally scary and adorable!!

  8. Your face painting skills are excellent! Hope they have a great time at VBS! I always loved it when I was a girl growing up in Nebraska in the USA.


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