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In my Creative space this week…there ‘s been a lot of knitting…. IMG_8894
For the  Cotton KAL/CAL announced over in SAARC group at Ravelry to celebrate Indian Independence Day on 15th August  ,I decided on potholders  because I  also needed to start on my  Handmade Christmas gifts  list.  Only people, who I know will truly appreciate it, will receive handmade gifts  this year.The list is not very long. This  Kal/Cal I thought would be a great excuse to  try out some of my favorite patterns on Raverly  .
I ‘m starting at the very beginning of my to do mental list.
The basket weave pattern has always always called out to me.I once started a scarf and then quickly frogged it because it seemed tedious at the time . I thought I may not have  the patience to repeat it again
Moreover there is one on the needles already…. IMG_8903
….. that is going  a little slowly for me…... I like to see the cables take shape but I cannot work on it continuously.
So now a potholder seems like a great way to  kill two birds with one stone…or is it three ??  :))
I first tried out with a larger needle.  Simply because I love those needles. It was a swap gift from a long time back, and I like to pull it out at every chance.
Half way thro…
I realized the resulting fabric was tooo loose…. I was not at all happy with the result.So I frogged it and started  all over again on  smaller  needles .
Its  sure goes sloooooooow …and these are not that special needles  but I  do love the way it looks now.
Much better don’t you think?
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  1. That's so pretty and I LOVE the blue cable!

  2. loving the cable... I am not such an experienced knitter, I've never tried cables, they're a bit scary looking!
    Good work!

  3. Is that the Irish hiking scarf thats on the needles? that was my first knitting project although I made a bad color choice and it looked fugly in the end! I love the color of yours..

  4. The cables look very neat. I have not tried them. A bit scared.

  5. The smaller needles do create a denser fabric which showcases the stitch pattern better but the wooden needles would have been lovely to work with. Maybe for another project?

    Brilliant idea with the early gift prep!

  6. Oooooh very nice, hehehe I am still at the cast on, stockinette, frog and repeat.


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