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I wanted to show y’all .
These are IKEA side tables that I put one over the other to create a bigger table.IMG_9557d
and put some of my favourite things on top.Doilies I made, a cute and whimsical  metal tree I found at Daiso, a filigree casket that my dh got for me long back, lanterns I found sometime back also at Daiso and pictures of my boys on frames that my sister got for me and a  tulip vase   my aunt gave me below.IMG_9593
Linking up to  August Table top over at Colours Dekor


  1. Pearlin... so so gorgeous!! Thanks so much for joining in... thats awesome!! Loved all your images, nooks & corners.. :-)

  2. thts a neat one. I love anything related to home decor and luv this post

  3. Thank you Patricia and Ninu :)

  4. It looks lovely Pearlin...the decors and the arrangement, well done!
    Good idea too on making shelves out of two tables ;)

  5. That's a clever way to create a shelving unit, perfect to display all of your pretties! Love it!!


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