Green verses Red….

and Red wins!!!
The more I looked at it , the more I disliked it so I took Mimi’s advice and cast on on the red yarn too. I liked it better than the green.And also I found out that I made a couple of boo boos on the green scarf and have decided to frog it.
It looks better than the green rt? IMG_0065
This is how far I have come.I  decided to cast on 74 instead of the 46 stitches the pattern called for, so that I could have a stole .I like stoles :)
In other news, I went to the KTAA’S first quilt group meeting. I became a member again this year.I got a cute little pin. I will show it later here.The membership for the KTAA ,which stands for Kuwait Textile Arts Association., is 10 K.D and for the Quilt Group, it is 5K.D.( Kuwaiti Dinar)
At the meeting, all the events themes  and the future events were discussed to clue in the members about what to expect for the year.There are monthly exchanges too in which members can participate.The first Fat Quarter Exchange was announced for the month.There are several other little groups within the group too.Yarn and Fiber Group for one and the Stitch group too.
I was totally nervous about meeting all those people but excited as well. I met some lovely ladies there.While the meetings itself are fun, getting there is the biggest hassle. IMG_0056
There was a demo for making yos yos using a yo yo maker and the young lady who demonstrated how to make those, pass along a cute tissue cozy made of  yos yos for everyone to see.
Quilt show and tell

hand quilted detail

IMG_0055 IMG_0052

the parting gift was very well received  too :)
I have also signed up as volunteer for a children’s program. Will have to wait and see how that goes. For the past few days, I have been suffering  from migraine  add to that   a badly damaged  back  which is not good at all when fever and throat infection gets added to the mix. Seems  like a bad time when so many exciting things  are happening  .I really hate it when that happens.


  1. I dont know anything abt knitting, but red looks good.and take proper rest.

  2. Red is not bad.If u think like that add one more color.I think red is o.k

  3. I agree Red wins.It is looking so good. And hey that quilt and details are amazing. Great job.
    Do take care of yourself and make sure you rest well.


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