Irish Hiking Scarf

is now done and the recipient  A, is mighty pleased with it. He ‘s  even been caught  modeling and admiring himself several times in the mirror after it was handed over to him.
Project Details
Needles : 6.5 mm pony  plastic straights
Yarn : No idea ;but supposed to be Red Heart Super Saver in Black
Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Eid holidays came and went in a blink. We had a nice relaxing time, rearranging and reorganizing things around the home. I got to organize my craft area which I am very pleased about. We had some friends come over to visit which was very nice too.
Have been noticing the temperatures slowly coming down and the sun sneakily going to bed earlier.Sadly now, we are all under the weather. Praying that the Winter  months this year will be sickness free for us.


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