My Creative Space # 22

The children have started their CEF VBS this week, and I’ve been carrying this basket around stuffed with my projects,everywhere…in the car, from one room to another around the home grabbing a minute here and there to complete one or two rows.
Most of the time there’s only the  knit scarf in there,but sometimes a whole lot of colourful yarn are tossed in too to make for the potholders CAL .
Now that the Eid Holidays have started and the entire household will be on a celebratory mood for the next five days,there will not be much time to work  on my projects.But I have everything ready to be carried around with all the essentials in it in case we are going to be riding around a lot :)
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  1. That is super organised, 'creative space on the go'! You never know when a spare moment to craft might present itself, nice idea...

  2. Great idea that I may just pinch ... I have a basket somewhere in the basement ... now I just need to find it!


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